About Mitchell

Mitchell School is Kindergarten-12th grade and has a student population of 70. There is a boarding residence on the school grounds with students from all over the world as well as from Central Oregon. During the 2009-2010 school year there were students from Brazil, China, Germany, Japan and Norway.

Mitchell School is located on a bluff overlooking scenic Bridge Creek in the small ranching and retirement community of Mitchell, Oregon. It is  within Oregon’s  North Central Education Service District (ESD #55) headquartered in Condon, OR. The School District is governed by a five member board elected by the community.

Hey future exchange students of Mitchell,

My name is Simon and I was in the USA/Mitchell last year. It was the best year of my life, because I wasn’t able to get to know one culture, I learned about 10 new cultures. In the dorm, where you are might going to live, where one Czech republican, one Dutch, one Norwegian, two German, one Turkish, one from Slovakian, one Brazilian, one Chinese, one Japanese, and one south Korean, and 5 more Americans. 

If you take a look on that list, you see that all those teenager where living with me in a house. You will be never bored and have always fun.  Your host mom is the best you could imagine, she is a great cook, hair cutter, and especially mom! Her name is Doreen Williams. Your local coordinator, Mike Carroll takes really good care of you, and does trips to the coast or maybe skiing as well! He thinks that you represent IE/ your country as the best. You will see him almost every week, so he is able to see if you have problems or being homesick or something else. Your school is about 50 high school students big. 

I know it’s not “big”, but in this case, it’s the quality, not the quantity. All the students are really polite and friendly, because you have to keep in mind, without the exchange students, there wouldn’t be a “Mitchell high school” because there wouldn’t be enough students. In the school you are one big group and it feels like a big family because everybody knows each other and everybody does sports, and have almost, at least one period per week together. 

If you want to do sports, you can! It’s not a question if you are good or not, it’s a question to you, if you want to or not! In Mitchell sports is almost everything, sport is it!  There is something more special than that, every five to eight weeks, you will do a special weekend, and go to a family or a friend from your school, you might be able to decide or you might get put in one. Mike (your coordinator) takes some students to, and I can tell, you have great times with him or any other students/family. At one weekend, I and the guy from Slovakia went to a ranch, and we went riding horses and chased cows for 6 hours, my butt did hurt, but it was a great experience, and it was just like in the good western movies! 

In case this didn’t make you want to go because you thought, you don’t go shopping, you are wrong. Almost every weekend you will go to town, to buy things at Wal-Mart or American Eagle, or see movies at the theater… you will have a great time, and if I could, I would have spent my senior year there, too.  Thanks to IE I had the best year of my life, and as far I can say it will stay like that a little while!  

If you have any questions left, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can get in touch with me through IE! 
I hope I could help you to make a good decision. 
Simon C. 

You should participate in an exchange because

it’s a great experience and you can learn so much from it. I’m having so much fun here in the USA and I’m super glad that I decided to try it. The first step to leave everything you know and love behind may be hard but it’s totally worth it. You learn so much about a different culture and easily become part of another family. Everybody is excited to make contact with somebody from a different country and before you even notice you found your first friends. Besides you learn to talk fluently in a second language besides you mother language. 

Since I’m here I had so many new experiences, found new friends, became a part of a family, learned to adjust easily and know I’m able to talk English almost fluently. To leave my home for a year was probably the biggest decision in my life but I never regretted it- quite the opposite. If I had the opportunity to do it again I would not hesitate to say yes!

The time here in the dorm is awesome

Our host mom Doreen does a lot of fun stuff with us. For example we went knee boarding on a boat trip on a very nice lake. Also we went to a lot of places like Seattle, Portland, Bend, Corvallis and Eugene where we shopped. In the wintertime we went skiing and snowboarding. The snowball fights in the dorm are a lot of fun. Also our dorm mom is really nice and an awesome cook. Doreen is also a very good listener, if you have problems she will have an ear for you. And another advantage of the dorm is that there are a lot of exchange students from all over the world. The area around the dorm is also nice. There are a lot, lot, lot of hills where you can go hiking. Mitchell is a good town for sports. The Dorm is a nice place where you won’t get bored

Mitchell High school is a great high school

to participate in team sports like Football, Volleyball, Basketball or Track& Field. All the teachers are nice and helpful, you just have to go to them and they will help you. The cafeteria food is alright and the gym is good too. Classrooms are really big and everyday clean. Students in Mitchell High school are nice to exchange students and are willing to help you with schoolwork and other work. The school has a lot of activities, like going to rock a climbing gym or go on a college tour or on a ski trip. The last home game of  basketball, we have spirit week, that means that everyone dresses up in funny clothes, for example, switch day, where the girls and boys switch their clothes. In that week we all have so much fun together. After the last home game is the homecoming dance with all kinds of fun games and good music.

Mitchell as a small town has a strong community

Here everyone knows each other and that means that you will always find someone who wants help you. That also makes Mitchell a safer place where you can walk every where every time. The community also organizes different types of events like Concerts, Bingo Nights, Turkey Shoots, Auctions and lot more. Our community has really strong ranch culture.  During your stay here you will visit at least a couple ranches where you will be able to ride horses, participate in a branding or learn more about cowboy culture and tradition. Everyone who likes beautiful views, easy going towns or just taking a rest from big cities should become one of Mitchell’s citizens.