Hat die Präsidentschaftswahl Einfluss auf den Alltag unser Teilnehmer und deren Schüleraustausch vor Ort?

Student: Marc Philippe F.

My name is Marc Philippe F. and I am an exchange student from Germany. For me my life after the election of President Trump has not changed at all. I still get the chance to meet with my friends every day and go to an open minded school. I love spending time with all the people I have good relationships with for example my host family, friends, coaches and teachers. I think coming to the US would be a great opportunity for any future exchange student to get a lot of experience. 

Student: Robert K.

Here in the US the political situation is very special. The two main parties had two candidates as different as they could be. Although the country is bisected, for me nothing really changed and I still feel very welcomed and included by the American society.

Student: Luisa H.

The presidential election hasn’t changed my exchange year at all. We discussed this topic in some of our classes and in lunch, but everybody is allowed to have their own opinion and express it in their own way as long as nobody else gets hurt. People don’t exert pressure on having a different opinion and we will still feel as safe as we did before.”

Student: Fritz B.

"Even though many people are worried about the president of the United States, there is no need to. People are still the same and so is the country. Of course does he want to make changes but who doesn't.  Don't worry about him because the American system with the executive, legislative and judicative protects the country from too much power of the president. so don't worry and let have your kids a good experience!"